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MP Project: Cartoon Election!

Posted by on Oct 29, 2013 in Graphics1 Projects, Graphics1: MP1 | 0 comments

Introduction: A benchmark assessment is one that shows people what you have learned and that you are ready to move on with your learning. These are used in the graphic design courses to provide a complete, applied example of your learning in an original project. Objective: This is your first Benchmark Assessment and the assessment for the first marking period, this project asks you to create a scene and use your skills that you have learn to complete the task. You will have to find an image of...

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Photography Enhancements: Enhancing Photos.

Posted by on Apr 2, 2013 in 21st century skills, Classes, Everything, Photo 1: MP3, Photo1: MP4, Photo1Projects, Photography, Projects, Tutorials | 0 comments

Project Description: Use the following tutorials to create better photography projects through the application of the skills you have learned. Specifications: Use 9 of your previously submitted photographs One Photo>One tutorial to enhance it — Each of the tutorials you are selecting will be applied to ONE of your photographs with the goal of enhancing it. View the 4 required tutorials and Apply those skills to 4 of your 9 photos Select 5 other optional tutorials and apply them to...

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