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Vintage Poster Project

Posted by on May 6, 2014 in Classes, Everything, Graphic Design 1: MP4, Graphics1: MP4, Projects | 0 comments

Project Description: Create a vintage style poster of an event or destination using a style that can be recognized as a vintage one. The vintage style of poster design can be seen in many places especial searches for Vintage Travel Posters, Vintage Concert Posters, or Propaganda posters. Background: Vintage posters are a style that was based in the limitations of the printing technology of the time they were created. Simple printing technologies require simple designs. It just wasn’t possible to print a photo on paper in full color like we can today. Your designs should follow these ideas and style from an earlier time. You could start by simply searching “Vintage Posters” or “vintage travel posters” and lastly “Vintage Travel Posters beach.” Research & Tutorials: Below is a list of suggested tutorials that you can look at. You are encouraged to experiment with a few of the tutorials and look at all the research links. Obviously look at all the image searches in the previous section. Or continue below to other search samples that illustrate other project options. Vintage Concert Posters Art Deco Posters and an article speaking to the audience when these were popular An article on Cassandre Art Deco Graphic Design History (1925-1940) Monster Movie Posters Propaganda Posters and their parody designs Tutorial Options:  A NOTE about the tutorial choices, you can use the tutorials to build your skills, but the results shouldn’t be used as your poster. Find inspiration, but not the solution. Art Deco Poster in 10 Steps Art Deco Style Poster in Illustrator – Retro Poster Tutorial Image Search 80 Examples – Smashing Magazine – Choose carefully! Not all are vintage. 50 Retro Tutorials listed on Project Sequence & Specifications: Research and look at what is out there, save some samples that you would like to model your design after (with web addresses) Compare those designs to each other to find common elements and characteristics you should seek to include or follow. Find tutorials that build your skills to help you achieve the Characters and elements Design a Plan out on the project Plan Worksheet (save it if the scanner isn’t working), it should include: The required information, filled in, that is unique to your project. Lists of items you plan to include (places, images, fonts, colors, etc) on the back of the sheet. A list of characteristics and guidelines you are looking to include that will make it look ‘vintage’ Multiple thumbnail layouts on the back of the sheet. A final thumbnail larger on the front showing some detail and typefaces. Poster Design and layout must follow the following specifications 12″x18″ in Illustrator or Photoshop (300 dpi if your using Photoshop) The file should be saved as a PDF for submission to Canvas .75″ margins where major elements of the design do not sit inside of in the final design simplified art that looks like the original models that you chose. Color choices that make sense for the design and the...

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