Graphic Design at Morristown High School


Teacher: Jim Boothby

Course Title: Graphic Design 1, 2, or 3
Year Long, 5 credits
Classroom: 257     
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Twitter: mrjboothby
Website: jpboothby
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Course Description:

Graphic Design at Morristown High School will introduce students to the tools, techniques, critique and skills needed for success in Graphic Design Students will utilize interest based research to solve problems in real life design situations. Graphic Design programs like the Adobe Creative Suite will be the standard in most projects, there are very notable web based design suites that can manage the solution creation as well. Students will experience and develop the systematic workflow and technical skills needed to produce excellent digital graphic design solutions. Once a basic understanding of the project background and current trends is aquired students begin self paced work on thier designs through the appropriated finishing stages of the design process. Students willneed to begin developing thier personal network through popular online social media.

Course Goals:

Our goal in Tech Ed/Graphics courses is to help you move towards being an independent designer. Through creativity research, planning, projects critiques and evaluations, you will get a better grasp of the creative process of Graphic Design. Each student will be responsible for creating their own projects and meeting the specifications of each project. The student is expected to find a lot of material on their own to customize their learning experience to their interests.

Course Expectations

It is expected that you will be curious, experiment, take chances, fail and learn from your mistakes, share your experiences during in-class and online critiques, respect the work and ideas of your classmates and contacts, develop a set of criteria for discussing and judging work, THINK! , and finally, become familiar with graphic design work that is admired and respected currently and throughout history.

Requirements and Assessment

All materials and equipment loaned to you must be returned in good condition. Students are required to pay for the replacement of lost or damaged materials and equipment. Maintain a working environment that is safe and encourages personal expression, no speech or actions that are sexist, racist, or in any way demeaning to the human spirit will be tolerated. Don’t disrespect, distract or destruct.

Grades for photographs and projects will be determined by either a rubric or a percentage grade.
You will be presented with wide-ranging photographic assignments. Students will be responsible to document their work through a portfolio of their photographs and assignments.  Most photographs will be assessed by the student using a self-evaluation form.

Due dates will be given in class at least one week in advance. Make sure you keep on top of your assignments. It is very easy in this class to fall behind and not be able to make up assignments.
Students will be required to maintain an active portfolio and are required to have it in class every day.