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Close Framing Projects: Film and Digital

Close Framing Projects: Film and Digital
The projects below are designed to have students first use film then use digital photography to complete the same task. They ARE two projects list in column view and should be treated as everything done twice, once with film, once with the digital pictures.

Question: How can you make you photos more interesting?

Project Objectives:

 Close Framing Film Project:

 Close framing Digital Project:

Group Work:

  • Take the Photos: As a partnered pair, use the Film SLR camera (FM-10) to photograph 12 images, each, that you will use for your close framing images. For clarification, 24 photos will be taken by both members of the team.
    • Photograph 3 subject 4 different ways (or 4×3), all photos must be in focus and properly exposed.
    • these original images will go on one contact sheet
  • Develop the Film: and file the negatives in the negative binder.

Individual Work:

  • Scan the the negatives to images at an output size of 8×10, 300dpi, Create a contact sheet of all 12 photos
  • Enhance your selected images (3 grayscale images)
  • Crop all images, to a final print size of 8×10 @300 dpi and web images to 1000px across the top.
  • Produce a photograph that exhibits technical proficiency and framing ability.
  • Share your photo on Blogger as a post titled ‘Close Framing Film Project’.
  • Name the project folder ‘CloseFrameFilm’. Follow good organizational techniques within this folder. 
  •  Use the digital cameras to photograph 24 images that you will use for your close framing images.
    • photograph 4 object 6 different ways, all photos must be in focus.
    • these original will be posted on your blog as TWO contact sheets (12 photos each)
  • Transfer the photos from camera to computer
  • Enhance your selected images (4 color images)
  • Crop your image so that the result is a close framed photograph that is intriguing, original and interesting (8×10 @300dpi).
  • Produce a photograph (3) that exhibits technical proficiency
  • Share your photo on Blogger as a Photography post.
  • Folder name for the Project ‘CloseFrameDig’

  • Contact sheet: Uploaded to Canvas, 1000px
  • Blog Post: With address uploaded to Canvas.
  • 3 Enhanced Images: Placed on the blog post and described accurately within the description of the blog post.



  • Contact sheet: Uploaded to Canvas, 1000px
  • Blog Post: With address uploaded to Canvas.
  • 3 Enhanced Images: Placed on the blog post and described accurately within the description of the blog post.

The Process: Assignment Procedure

  1. Photograph your subjects according to the project outlined above.
    • Each subject should be photographed 3-4 times
    • try different angles, distances and lighting (if you can control it)
  2. DEVELOP Film, SCAN film SAVE the scans in a folder for this project named something that makes sense to the project. You can use the Batch Rename feature in Bridge here.
  3. Enhance your photos accordingly (fix dust and scratches, Contrast, brightness, tones,  and crop)
  4. Save a JPG version for printing: 8X10, 300 dpi Save these using a logical, easily identifiable and logical name.
  5. Save a version for the web
    1. Open the image
    2. Go to File>save for web & devices
    3. Choose JPG Medium from the presets menu on the upper right.
    4. Change the width of the image to 600 and keep the proportions the same. The height should change if you click outside.
    5. Click Save and save to a folder for posting to Tumblr.
  6. Assemble and publish your blog post.

Photography Evaluation Criteria:

All photography you post on your blog (enhanced printed and published images) will be held up to these

  • Photographs will have a sharp focus. – 10%
  • Photographs will have very few dust and scratches – 10%
  • Photographs will be corrected for color and contrast – 10%
  • Digital Contact sheet(s) of 12 of your original images – 20 pts
  • Blog Post- 55 points
    • Introduction that provides an overview of the project.
    • 3 or 4 enhanced JPGs cropped to 1000px across and a resolution of 72dpi, professionally presented, and include camera data in the captions
    • An objective review of the project outcomes, photography, photographer’s performance and a self critique.
    • Self assessment points assigned
  • Deliverables for completion , submission and grading:

    In A Blog Post For each (Film and Digital), include:
    • An introduction that describes what you were expected to do.
    • A description of the project, What was the process and some things that you did to achieve your results.
    • 3 or 4 enhanced photos, saved for the web, no wider than 600px (see table at the top of this page)
    • Data Captions under each photo with the data from the shot, ie: Aperture (F3.5), Shutter speed (1/125) and the ISO (ISO 400)
    • A review or critique of your results, please include the following- What you like, What you didn’t like, and what you would do different.
    • Your contact sheet(s) with the original 12 images that were scanned from the negatives or uploaded, no duplicates please.
    • Tag or label the post #mhsphoto, #mhscloseframing, and #mhsphotoboothby

Video Resources for the Project:

Saving for web and devices

You can also watch this one…

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