Graphic Design at Morristown High School

Tutorial Guide

These are the tutorials we will and have referred to during Skill building phases:

Photoshop Collage and Clipping Mask Tutorial:

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This is the page Graphics 1 students will use in 4 weeks (spaced out of the year) to learn Illustrator. Those weeks are as follows: 1) Parts 1-5, 2)   This in conjunction with other tutorials that combine these skills, students will be able to create anything they wish by the end of the course. This is a well written starting point for the kids.

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Illustrator Spaceship Tutorial:

This is the second Illustrator experience in Graphics1 (2010) it will teach you how to create shapes using the basic tools you just encountered, and how you can use a variety of those to make detailed, good looking vector art. the idea is that students will experiment with some basic shapes and drawing tools in the first 5 days of the Illustrator introduction on Vectordiary. Then in this tutorial we can use them and others to apply the skills. The next step in building skills to ultimately create a professional looking logo in Illustrator. WARNING: This Tutorial should become a blog post when completed. (Part 2)

Students will revisit the Illustrator in 30 days tutorial to complete the tutorial through Day 12. This section deals with brushes, compound paths, color and strokes, objects-layers-groups, and transparency with graphic styles. Student expectations can be found on the project posting pages.


60 Excellent Logo Design Tutorials Assembled on

Students can use this tutorial to fill in empty spaces of time for extra credit. All they have to do is follow a tutorial and create a blog post after they have finished following the structured posting format found here on this tutorial post sample.

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